Happy Holidays

Today is Christmas Eve and  I thought I'd take the opportunity to wish you all, Happy Holidays! Right now, I'm currently bombarded with home renovation to replanning my holiday schedule due to the sudden "Ice Storm" that occurred in Ontario. I was on of the lucky few residence in Toronto with electricity, but still the weather hasn't been supportive at all. I tried my best to still converse energy since I don't when I will lose power. Even though, Mother Nature is throwing one hectic temper tantrum in Canada! 
Hope everyone has somewhere safe & warm to stay!

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful evening with loved ones with warm blanklets, as well as a cup of hot chocolate, cookies, presents, candles, lovely Christmas trees, cosy attires and a warm heart.
Plus, with tons of snow... which I seems to be possible this holiday season!!
Yes, this year I am having a white Christmas!!!

Well, Happy Holidays everyone!

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