My Permanent-Retainer Teeth

After over two years of struggling with my braces, they are finally off and now I am stuck wearing permanent-retainers. Here is a post filled with my new experience with my beautiful teeth!!

If you are a new follower, here is a quick recap of my posts: (After several years of battling with my parents about getting brace, on September 7th 2011, I finally found the courage and talked myself into getting braces - to read my full experience "My Silver-Metal Teeth").

I am now braces-free but still I have permanent retainers on the back of my upper and lower teeth. At first I really believe that everything was over but then my orthodontist surprised me by informing that I will have them forever. Well, my orthodontist told me that even after the months of wearing them my teeth are still moving so protect myself from future damages they believed that permanent retainers are safer. Also, every night I have to wear removable retainers too. So, the process still continues but the pain has reduce also I still have monthly check up with them. Even though I am not pleased with the extra items placed within my mouth, but I am just glad that all the pain has disappeared. If you have been reading my past few posts you know how happy I am to be pain-free. Anyways I have another appointment next year so I will continue writing this series but instead of three or six months gap, I will just randomly made these posts. So, definitely keep a lookout for that :-)

PS. I am not going to edit this post
(I wrote what I felt at the moment... so if you see any grammar mistake please forgive me)

Take care!!