HARIJA is my Identity! (Featuring Personalized Jewelry)

"If I’m Gonna Tell A Real Story, I’m Gonna Start With My Name."
- One of my coworkers told me this quote. 

My Name - PJ

2015 has been a year filled with interesting events in my life, I went through many ups and downs as always however this year I noticed a huge change in myself. Rather than feel down and melting away in sorrow; 2015 I learnt to fight back. I started to take care of myself and stand up for what I felt was right. I stopped listening to all the negativity around me and for those who dislike, I decided to turn my back. They can hate me all they want and I should not fight or change myself just to please them. This year, I learnt that I should put myself first rather than other before me. What good is it to please others when I am not happy with what I have become. I made many mistake over the years and each mistake I made was my default but this year, they were the reasons that created my change. Through my errors, I meet some amazing people as well as I did end up losing a lot. But now I have some positive and supportive people around me rather than people with negativity.

My Name - PJ (6)

So, this necklace from Personalized Jewelry from (https://www.persjewel.com/) was perfect for me. Every time I wear this on my neck and see my reflection I see the changes I made. I see that I have create an identity to who "Harija" is.

Over the years and months, people questioned me who am I and what identity do I have.

My Name - PJ (5)

I do have an identity!

This is me, HARIJA!
I am HARIJA; and HARIJA is me!

My Name - PJ (4)

Now to my review!

My Name - PJ (3)

For review I received the Rose Lower Heart 18k Gold Plating Necklace

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My Name - PJ (2)

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