#GlamuletPresale Christmas Charm Sets Giveaway

Being able to remember the past is like reliving your favourite moments over and over again. Memories consists of bad and good; negatives and positives; however due to your current consciousness many tend to relive and recycle their positive memories and store away their negative memories. Memories are like building block and each day they tend to get bigger; however there are some special moments in life that makes a large impact in an individual's life. Graduation, marriage, birthday and many more events are milestones in an individual's life. Theses milestones and special memories can be placed in a form of a charm in a bracelet.

This year, GLAMULET is offering an early access to New Styles of Charms at Great Prices!


GLAMULET is a Canadian brand which offers high quality GLAMULET jewellery. They are a top online jewelry retailer across the world and carry various kinds of jewelry including, necklaces, beads, bracelets, rings, chains and more.  They produce jewelry in Sterling Silver, 14k to 18k gold, and also carry Murano glass, cubic zirconia, mother of pearl, gemstones, charms and more. The prices are so affordable that you will feel completely glamorous and like you are walking a red carpet all day long! This year, they are offering an early access to New Styles of Charms at Great Prices! 
Pre-sale charms that will be available on the market on November 20, 2015. 
Check out this page : http://www.glamulet.com/pre-sale.
Plus if you use my discount code "mylyfe15" you will get 15% off.

You could easily buy more from what you could save!
What a great deal!!

Here are some example of the pieces that would be on sale:

Pre-sale price are as follows:
First 20 customers - 50% discount 
21st to 99th- 25% discount 
100th 10% discount 

All pre-ordered products in this campaign will be sent out on November 20, 2015.

Don't forget to tag #GlamuletPresale Charms and drive traffic to my blog post here and the Glamulet Pre-Sale Page.
There will be 100 lucky winners that will be drawn at the end of the campaign.
A set of Pre-sale charms worth $75 will be given away to each lucky winner.

** Please note that this campaign is only until November 30th. Full Price of the products starts on December 1st and products will be available for shipping on November 20th. **

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