Divissima.it International Giveaway (Ends 12/15)

What is Divissima.it?

It’s an online beachwear store where you can find bikinis, beach dresses, beach tops, underwear but also sports wear and a cute collection of hot short jeans. They launched their new bikinis for the 2014 spring-summer season with an explosion of fun colours and prints, a great variety to choose from and, at costumers requests, some brand new padded bikini tops are in. I can understand the need for it, sometimes you feel like a little support is more than welcome, I think their padded bras were a great idea and I’d sincerely prefer one of these next to a normal one.

 In order to be eligible for this giveaway, you have to mention Divissima on a social media platform of your choice.
Facebook (www.divissima.it)
Twitter (@minimicrobikini)
Instagram (@divissima_bikini)
Any of these will work!
 Fill the form below and let me know that you're eligible!
The voucher will be valid for three months from the time of winning the giveaway.
Voucher cannot be combined with any other promotions on the Divissima website.
Shipping costs must be paid for by the winner.

  Giveaway will start on Tuesday December 1st and will end on December 15th.

Good Luck to everyone!!