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On February 23, 2016 Peter and Richard Simons officially opened their doors for the fashion industry to have a sneak preview of Simons and its fashion collections, in anticipation of its store opening at Square One on March 17th.

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Founded in Quebec City in 1840, La Maison Simons is unique in how it pairs its substantial private-label fashion with a handful of higher-priced designers. Despite its large floorplates, Simons stores lack cosmetics departments and the large footwear areas typical in similar-sized department stores. Simons currently operates eleven stores, including nine in the province of Quebec, one in Edmonton and one in Vancouver (which just opened this fall). Square One will be their twelve location and first one in Ontario. The company has over 2,000 employees. The company's 2014 revenues were in excess of $300 million, according to Mr. Simons, with projections for $400 million plus "in the next year or two".

Also, during the event had an in-depth conversation to one of the founders and they gave Fashion Weekly Magazine a hint that there will be another “Simons” opening in Toronto in the near future (small hint it could be at Yorkdale Mall or even at Scarborough Town Centre)

Here are some of their collections that are hitting the Toronto at Square One.
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Icone – Women’s Urban Collection - Boho Accents and Unique Style
World of Simons (12)
Twik – Teen Women Collection - Modern Chic Style
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Le 31 – Men’s Collection - Modern Men Style
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DJAB – Boys Collection - The Mens' Streetwear Look
World of Simons (9)
Maison – Home Fashion - Add The Touch of Simons at Your Home With Their Decor Items!!
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On March 17, Simons will be opening their doors in Square One, definitely check it out!

(Please note these photos were taken by my cellphone so they lack a bit if lighting quality)



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