Escape to Paris, France

During the last few weeks, I was out of the country for an event with my sister. It's another #sistercation 😍
It was my second official trip for the year 2016!!

First stop was in Paris, France. In 2009 I had a small pit stop here however this year this was my primary stop. But once again, didn't get to enjoy to city of France due to an event. This trip was more of a family/business trip to France representing my father. It was only for a four days, but my sister and I were still able to enjoy the time in France by going on a small night adventures (seriously during the day everyone was too busy).  During our night trips, we ended up in front of the Eiffel Tower watching the light shows and random walks around the area reading/learning about the history.

It was definitely a small family/business trip
but it was exciting to spend some quality girl-time with my sister 😊

After four days, in Paris, France >> we headed straight to London!!