Easy Post-Workout Recovery Tips

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There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a successful workout and feeling that surge of endorphins. But after exercising, exhaustion and soreness can set in, preventing you from keeping that fitness streak going with another workout tomorrow.

Without properly recovering after exercise, your body can suffer a great deal of damage. Never fear! There are simple remedies that you can practice post workout to ensure replenishment, revitalization and recovery.

Stretch it out

It may cross your mind to stretch in preparation for a workout, but in actuality it’s more helpful to stretch after. When you stretch after exercising, muscle tension and fatigue are alleviated. Exercising causes lactic acid to disperse throughout the muscles, making your body feel sore and stiff. Stretching is highly recommended in helping to release the build-up of lactic acid.

Bear in mind, stretching past your limit can do more harm than good. Stretch enough to feel the pull of your muscles but do not over exert yourself. This can help you to slowly and safely strengthen your flexibility. Below are some examples of simple stretch techniques that involve various parts of the body that are prone to post workout soreness and tension.

Hamstring "Hurdle" Stretch
This common hamstring stretch is perfect for paying special attention to each individual leg. Start in a seated position and lengthen one leg in front of you. Draw the other leg inward placing the sole of your foot on the inner thigh. At the hip, steadily lean forward, focusing on keeping your back as straight as possible. Outstretch your arms, reaching for your toes to optimize this stretch. Once you have reached as far as you can, try to hold this position for a minimum of thirty seconds. Switch legs, and repeat!

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The Butterfly
The butterfly is a valuable stretch that targets your hips, inner thighs and lower back. Similar to the Hamstring "Hurdle", sit yourself upright with a straight back. Place your legs together and grab your feet around the ankles. Slowly bring your heels in towards your pelvis and remain in this pose for thirty seconds. Concentrate on fully opening your hips and thighs. Relax, and perform your desired repetitions of the Butterfly.

Calf Stretch Against A Wall
Calf cramps, spasms and stiffness are not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous if unattended to. Thankfully you do not need special equipment or intricate movements to loosen your calf muscles. Simply stand to face a wall with a few feet's distance in between. Keep your legs shoulder width apart and lean forward, resting your palms on the wall. Your arms should be over your head. Bring one leg in towards the wall and bend slightly at the knee, keeping your heel firmly planted on the ground. Gradually lean forward with a straight back and maintain this stretch for twenty seconds. Once completed, repeat these steps with your other leg.

Drink it up

Some foods and drinks can aid in healing your muscles post workout. You should be drinking plenty of water before, during, and after exercise. Generous amounts of fluid are lost during your work out and it is important to replenish your body to prevent dehydration.

For muscle recovery and development, chocolate milk is a superb choice for a post workout drink. Not only does chocolate milk taste scrumptious, it has a perfect ratio of carbohydrates to protein that helps recovery. This is an inexpensive option to pricy workout shakes and has unlimited recipe alterations. You can control the protein, sugar, and calorie content as well as the intensity of chocolate.

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Foods for recovery

Ginger offers plentiful health and healing advantages. Whether you grate it into water and boil for tea, chop and use as an ingredient in your dish, or take the supplement form, ginger is a magnificent root that can reduce inflammation and muscle pain keeping you limber and ready for your next sweat sesh.

Inflammation is a huge factor in muscle soreness and tension. It is vital to incorporate anti-inflammatory food items such as ginger into your diet. Tart cherries and pineapple have similar anti-inflammatory properties. These fruits also contain antioxidants. Antioxidants can help protect the body from free-radicals and promote tissue healing and growth.

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