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During the Toronto International Film Festival, “neubau eyewear” released their collection to the fan of Toronto.
First of what is “Neubau”, well it’s an area in constant flux. From galleries, studios, cafés, concept stores and hipster bars to some upcoming designer's little shop, the spirit of innovation, wealth of ideas and creative diversity are ever-present. The Viennese district is an archetypal example of all those exciting, rapidly evolving creative urban districts around the world that hold the same kind of special attraction. This attitude to life has now become the inspiration behind the name for a new global brand of spectacles: neubau eyewear.
neubau eyewear is a homage to creativity, innovation and the zeitgeist of the Millennial Generation. From conception to production, neubau eyewear is an Austrian product, combining an urban way of life with innovative design and ecologically sustainable manufacturing. This is how spectacles for comfortable daily wear are made that are both light in weight and of the highest quality in finish, perfectly tailored to a modern, urban clientele, as befits the inspiration behind the brand.
Inspired by a modern approach to design, neubau eyewear presents three of its popular frames in a transparent “crystal clear” finish. The eyewear tends to bring out the wearer's natural skin tone and character; they appear both rough in an industrial way and warm at once.
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Check out their website: neubau eyewear
Instagram: @neubaueyewear
Blog: Frame Of Mind



  1. Seems light and fancy as well ! I adore the circle frame one, so cute! <3



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  8. Oh wow! they are so cute. Great review.

  9. Oh wow! they are so cute. Great review.

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