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Finding the perfect gift for that special person is hard; whether you are shopping for a hostess gift or a housewarming party or even a family member, here are some gift ideas that can help take some load off your shopping list.

Give the Gift of Relaxation When it comes to gift giving, items that promote wellness are a growing trend. It’s no wonder, with nearly one quarter* of Canadians reporting that most days they experience quite a lot to extreme stress. And, women more so than men. Celebrities like Britney Spears, Elle MacPherson, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper have already discovered the benefits of the Bed of Nails acupressure mat.

Now anyone on your gift list can improve their relaxation and wellness. Bed Of Nails acupressure mat Born out of the ancient yogic healing tradition, it’s designed for ultimate comfort and modern-day use**. Faithful users and acupressure experts say the Bed of Nails mat may induce deep relaxation, relieve pain, promote sleep and improve overall energy and happiness. The Bed of Nails mat has almost 9,000 non-toxic plastic spikes to gently relieve tension from the body. Because weight is evenly distributed, the experience is remarkably comfortable. Bed of Nails acupressure mat, $89.99 and cushion $49.99, are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond or
*StatsCan Perceived Stress, 2014

Jeanne Lottie -
 When you say the words “Jeanne Lottie” in Chinese it means true happiness. Jane Ip, the designer behind Jeanne Lottie, is constantly looking for happiness in her life. This brand started in 1985 with that philosophy in mind when Jane and her sister, Charlotte, embraced passion and creativity. Over the last 30 years, Jeanne Lottie has built a steadfast, loyal following, and Jane has been recognized nationally and abroad for beautiful designs that stand out from the crowd. Her design approach values embracing what’s different, what’s unexpected, and what’s fun in order to create something fresh and new.

Need a doctor? Imagine having a rich network of medical specialists at your fingertips. Doctor Pocket™ is an iOS and Android application that enables you to communicate with specialists from the comfort of your home and on-the-go. Book and chat with doctors from Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and McGill. With Doctor Pocket, users can personalize their account by entering basic profile information that will be seen by specialists in family medicine, pediatrics, radiology, and dermatology. During the session with the specialist, patients can share high-resolution images, videos and voice note directly from their phone with a simple click. Save time, avoid travel and exposure to infections from clinics and hospitals, and prevent symptoms of minor health concerns from worsening during the wait time before a doctor visit by using the Doctor Pocket iOS or Android app.


This seamless shapewear line has been designed to offer today's women the support they need to reveal their assets and feel beautiful and desirable, whether it's for a night out or all day long.

Body Wrap is a division of Christina America, Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trimera Brands Inc. Christina America Inc. was founded in 1952 as designer and manufacturer of women’s swimwear and continues today to provide women of all shapes and sizes with swimwear and shapewear.


Wanting to get on track and actually getting (and then staying) on the track are two totally different things. The million-dollar question is: how do we find the inner motivation to go from thinking about a healthier lifestyle to actually adopting one? How do we get off the sofa and out the front door?

Finding Your Fit: A Compassionate Trainer’s Guide to Making Fitness a Lifelong Habit provides readers with practical tools that will allow them to connect the dots between wanting to make a health and fitness change and actually making it. Kathleen Trotter has been a personal trainer and Pilates specialist for fourteen years. She makes regular TV and media appearances, writes for publications including the Globe and Mail and the Huffington Post, blogs bi-monthly for Flaman Fitness, is the featured trainer in the Globe and Mail’s online Fitness Basics video series, and is a spokesperson for Quesada. She lives in Toronto.

As Canadians, we don’t let the cold winter months stop us from always being on the go. However, between lacing up our skates on the ice, going on walks during lunch, and packing the skis for a trip to the hills, our skin is taking a beating from the dry and cold air. Hydrating before and after outdoor activities is the key to maintaining soft skin, and Inspired Soap Works has just the right multifunctional products to keep your skin hydrated no matter where life takes you this season. All Products are multi-functional and are great for Travelling.

Multi-Purpose Products to Stay Hydrated All Winter 
Dead Sea Salts 

We have all been there a busy week of work, fighting traffic or just wishing for a spot on the subway. Our Dead Sea Salt Body & Foot Soaks are blended with only Essential oils for the scent allowing you the benefit of an aromatherapy experience to wind down after a long week. No Bath No Problem! Your feet are an important element and need some Love too that’s why these are the perfect antidote after a long day for your sore achy feet. Don’t forget to reach for our Velvety Salve or Hand Body & Foot Salve to help keep your body and feet moisturized. $8.95 / 6oz $5.50 2oz

Velvety Salve 
Blended only with pure natural oils of jojoba, sweet almond, rose hip, coconut, and Vitamin E, this unique product is made without any water. It’s so concentrated but velvety you only need a dab the size of a teardrop for your face and back of hands, but don’t stop there, this formula can be used everywhere from face to toes. The Perfect Travel Buddy!! $18.95 2oz

Hand Body & Foot Salve
Available in a handy portable tin and made from sweet almond, coconut oils, Canadian beeswax and essential oils, a small dab on those tiresome dry spots will help to relieve dryness. This product also doubles as a lip balm for travel! $14.00 1.5oz Tin For Men specific: Men’s Shaving Soaps – Men you will love this lathering shave soap. Made from Italian olive oil and blended only with Essential oils. Our formula leaves you skin feeling soft and hydrated with a minimal natural scent. Available as a refill or in a handy travel tin. Our Customers tell us each Shave soap lasts 4-6 months. $18.95 Shave Soap with Tin $10.00

Shave Soap Refill 3 Men’s Aftershave Salve

Often moistening the face is forgotten at the end of the shaving routine. We have formulated this Aftershave Salve with similar oils of Jojoba, Rosehip, Almond, Coconut & Vitamin E. Our Velvety Salve is triple whipped lending a silky consistency to this formula. A little goes a very long way as there is NO Water added a very concentrated formula. Use to moisturize the face after shaving but don’t stop there can be used for the Hands, Feet or entire Body. $18.95 2oz jar

Love Sports? You Will Love Our Body Soaks! Whether you play professional Football, Weekend Skiing in the Mountains, Hiking the local trails or house league hockey. Let the minerals from our uniquely blended Dead Sea Body Foot Soaks help soothe sore achy muscles. Dead Sea Salts are naturally occurring full of Magnesium to help combat fluid retention, Potassium to help balance moisture, Bromides help to relieve muscle stiffness and relax muscles & Sodium important for the lymphatic fluid balance.$8.95 6oz/$5.50 2oz

"The 6ix Pack Fizzie Collection" 
The 6ix pack contains 1 Lavender, 1 Eucalyptus, 1 Blissful, 1 Soothing, 1 Detox Blend and 1 Serenity Bath Fizzie Each fizzie has been carefully crafted using fine oils of Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed and blends of essential oils & botanicals. An Aromatic experience. Fizzle your stress away....A great size for travel, each is individually wrapped and displayed in a see-through container. Available: $21 (Travel & Gift Friendly)

Multi-Purpose Bodycare 
We want to keep it fresh so that's why all of our products are handmade in small batches. We are obsessed with sourcing Pure-Natural & Organic ingredients and use only Essential Oil when blending to help evoke the senses. Whether you are looking for a soap for some clean fun in the shower or an aromatherapy soak in the tub we have your back.Natural, Free of preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and sulfates.

Novarnica -

Pain Killer is a powerful pain reliever, made of natural ingredients. It comes in a fast-acting spray formula that requires no rubbing and is effective for the relief of a backache, arthritis, strains, sprains, bruises, as well as joint and muscle pain. Simply spray and go on with your day! Novarnica is an innovative, high-quality product with outstanding efficiency, and it is made right here in Canada.

Novarnica Foot product duo: Novarnica Foot Pain Reliever (in a spray formula) & Novarnica Moisturizing Foot Relief Cream. Both are ideal for all women who need relief for foot pain, tired feet, arthritis, as well as dry, cracked skin on the heels… For all women who want to pamper their feet!

Novarnica Sport is a great choice for its efficiency and its size. It comes in a spray formula made of natural ingredients, a very efficient pain reliever that is easy to use and doesn’t require any rubbing to penetrate through the skin. Can be brought on the plane for the instant relief of your sore back, neck, knees, feet and other sore muscles. Relief made easy on the go!

Which of these products would you like to receive for yourself?

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