Workout Etiquette 101

We all have a litany of excuses to skip a workout; time, family, work etc. Too often the fact that the gym feels overwhelming and intimidating becomes yet another workout deterrent; which absolutely no one needs Make the gym a more inviting - or at least more sanitary and less frustrating - space by sticking to these five simple gym etiquette rules.

Five Simple rules:

1. Don’t go up to other members and tell them what they are doing wrong. Don’t judge other member's form. Stay in your own fitness lane - perfect your own form.

It is hard enough to get oneself to the gym, no one needs a negative individual coming up to them and criticizing their form. Especially because most people who are overly judgmental don't actually have good form. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. When you find yourself wanting to judge remind yourself of the saying "any judgement is self judgement". Instead of judging others take a look at your own form 

2. Don’t hang out on machines and chat with your friends. The gym is not a Starbucks.

I am all for having a fitness buddy. Going to the gym is way more fun with a friend, but don't hang out on the leg press chatting. Talk to your friend after, before or in the change room. Other people want to use the machines. 

3. Don’t use your outside voice.

If you go to the gym with a fitness buddy - great - but use inside voices. No one needs to know about your love life or your work troubles. 

4.  Always wipe off the machines after use.

5.  Don’t stay on a cardio machine for longer than thirty minutes if you can see the gym is busy.



  1. thanks for sharing all these interesting tips..

  2. Great tips! Number 2 made me laugh.

  3. Some great tips Dear..and so important to know these etiquettes'.
    Have A lovely Weekend Dear.


  4. I'm not a lover of the gym personally, I never really find the motivation to take myself there :(

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  5. great tips especially the last one :)

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