Escape to Chennai, India

The second leg of this one month trip was to Chennai, India (my birthplace).

I spent more than a week in Chennai, however most of the time was spent by shopping and preparing for the wedding. However, during my time their I was able to go to Marina Beach and visit a few temples. I have been to Chennai more than once, but this year I was a bit occupied by other items that I couldn't able visit any other iconic places.

Marina Beach:

Finally in India, I was able to go on some horse rides, I love horses
(thanks to my father for making this out for me)


At Marina beach, I met some interesting people and one of them was time amazing women.
Her story was extremely touching and I am appreciate that I got an opportunity to meet some interesting individuals during my trip.

In the perspective of food:
Had some amazing food especially for breakfast and it was great to have some traditional South Indian Cuisine. 
 Also, it gave me an opportunity to try some my favourite fruits and food 😀
Also, my uncle decided to drop by to Chennai to meet up with us during his business trip. During our meet up he gave is an opportunity to try some fresh seafood meal.
It was one of the best seafood meal I had (after my mother's cooking).
As state, in Chennai I spent most of my time preparing for wedding most of my experience in Chennai revolved around food.

Most of the photos provided in this post are taken by my mobile 😀