Must Haves: Daily Skin Care

It seems as if this winter has been extra-harsh, especially on our skin! The freezing temps combined with the furnace constantly blasting creates an environment of dry, moisture-sapped air – which means cracked, flaky, dull skin. 
Not to worry, though – revamp your beauty routine with this list of the best products to rehab your skin and restore your glow! And the best part? 
Nothing’s over $15!
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New on the beauty scene, Garnier’s micellar water has become a cult-fave thanks to its incredible ability to dissolve makeup – even stubborn waterproof mascara! It’s now available in a super hydrating version, formulated with glycerin to keep winter dry skin soft and smooth.

TIP: If you have dry or sensitive skin, washing your face twice a day in the dry winter months will only exacerbate the problem. Instead, cleanse thoroughly at night and use this micellar water in the morning for a fresh face!
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This mask is absolutely amazing – it contains the equivalent of half a bottle of hydrating serum! Just press it onto skin, remove the gauzy blue outer layer, and relax. After 15 minutes, peel off to reveal soft, smooth, glowing skin.

TIP: After you remove the mask, squeeze out the excess liquid in the pouch and pat onto skin for an extra hydrating boost!
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Nothing deep cleans like this baking soda pore cleanser from Biore it’s almost like having a mini-facial! With just one wash, it takes off all the dirt, makeup, oil and grime that accumulate on skin during the day. Bonus: it even has micro-exfoliating baking soda particles to help your dull skin get glowing!

TIP: This cleanser is super deep-cleaning, so it works best for those with normal, oily or combination skin. It’s gentle enough for someone with dry or sensitive skin, too – just make sure to follow-up with toner and moisturizer to keep skin hydrated!
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This cleanser is great for those with dry, extra-dry or sensitive skin, especially in the winter. The oil helps to break down stubborn makeup, and keeps skin super soft and hydrated.

TIP: Try double-cleansing, this year’s newest skincare trend! Inspired by K-beauty, it involves washing your face with an oil cleanser first to remove makeup, and then  washing your face with a foam, cream or gel-based cleanser to remove any residue. 
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This toner is a staple for those with dry, sensitive skin, and the alcohol-free formula means that skin won’t feel tight after application.

TIP: Use after cleansing and before applying serum or moisturizer– products are absorbed much more easily into damp skin!
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This rich cream is contains a beta hydroxy complex, which helps improve skin cell turnover for smoother, glowing skin. The non-greasy, oil-free formula won’t cause breakouts while still deeply moisturizing skin.

TIP: After moisturizing, add a little extra cream to the drier spots on your face for an added boost of moisture.
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A spa-worthy beauty treat for under $4! Infused with green tea for caffeine to shrink blood vessels that cause dark circles, pomegranate extract to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, grape extract for an added dose of vitamin c and cucumber to refresh. To apply, gently roll the tip from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. You can also make small circular motions to improve blood flow!

TIP: Store in the refrigerator for a cooling treat - not only does it feel great, the cold temperate will help to reduce puffiness!

What are your favourite skin care items?