Holiday Gift Guide: PAUL & JOE Gifts Under $50

This is the time for holiday shopping and there's no such thing as starting too early, right? 
At the very least, steal some inspiration and get a list going. I understand that skincare and beauty products can be difficult since everyone has different skin and likes different shades. But these are some foolproof beauty options that will work for everyone, thanks to PAUL & JOE.
Paul & Joe beauty was launched by Sophie Mechaly in 2002, following the success of her fashion line by the same name. Featuring charming packaging, luxurious textures and rich colours Paul & Joe cosmetics perfectly encapsulates the brands philosophy of fun loving sophistication. From adorably cute cat to feminine designs, Paul & Joe features stylish seasonal collections for strong women who love creativity & fun!

Here some items that are beauty lovers in your life:
Paul & Joe Lip Treatment Balm Duo, $36
Inspired by Christmas in Paris, Paul & Joe Lip Treatment Balm Duo encapsulates the cozy holiday scents of the warm spices and wine of Vin Chaud, and the sweet smell of zesty orange in a freshly baked StollenThis lip balm set delivers hydration and the sweet smells of Christmas in France to both made-up and make-up free lips. Made with orange flower water, white lily extract, lavender and olive oil, these holiday balms will leave your lips feeling replenished, silky smooth, and delicious. 

Ingredients and Benefits
Orange Flower Water – Moisturizer 
White Lily Extract – Moisturizer, Combats Dryness & Irritation 
Lavender Oil – Emollient  
Organic Olive Oil – Emollient 
Peppermint Leaf Extract – Moisturizer 

Paul & Joe Hand Cream Duo, $30
Keep dry hands at bay during the cold winter months with the new Paul & Joe Hand Cream Duo. This set includes the new Paul & Joe Moisturizing Hand Cream I and the new Paul & Joe Silky Hand Cream I. The oil rich formula of the Moisturizing Hand Cream I leaves the hands, supple, smooth and moist from within. The velvety Silky Hand Cream I melts into the skin to create a fresh and pleasant texture.  Highly penetrative ingredients such as olive oil, grape seed oil, and shea butter quickly absorb and lock into the skin, leaving hands enveloped in a deep moisture that’s long lasting. Each Hand Cream is housed in an adorable Paul & Joe print, making each individually wrapped tube the perfect stocking stuffer.  

Ingredients and Benefits
Olive Oil – Emollient 
Grape Seed Oil – Emollient 
Shea Butter – Emollient  
Fermented Lotus Seed Extract – Moisturizer 

Paul & Joe Aromatic Soap 001, $21

A luxuriously fragrant soap for making the smallest of moments relaxing & decadent, Paul & Joe’s new Aromatic Soap 001 is the perfect touch to any home. Whether you’re using it as a room fragrance or soap for your hands or body, the fragrant and fresh smell of orange flower combined with white lily and shea butter creates blissful moments for this holiday season.  Hyaluronic acid and shea butter keep the skin richly moisturized protecting against the cold seasons and beyond. This vegetable-based soap is made from sustainably produced natural palm oil and only contains natural cleaning agents.

Ingredients and Benefits 
Orange Flower Water – Moisturizer 
White Lily Extract – Moisturizer; combats skin roughness 
Jojoba Oil – Emollient 
Hyaluronic Acid – Moisturizer 
Shea Butter – Emollient 

 Directions for Use: Lather well with a wet bath sponge, wash the hands or body and rinse off completely for a luxuriously scented skin. 

Paul & Joe Beauty Mirror II, $20
Add a finishing touch to your winter collection with the new Paul & Joe Beauty Mirror II. This makeup essential encapsulates the glamour of Paul & Joe and the holiday season. The bright metallic gold mirror is chic and small enough to fit in your back pocket, allowing you to bring with you on-the-go for touch-ups any time or place. 

All these items can be purchased at: Shoppers Drug Mart