Mindfulness Meditation at Hoame

Hoame will be the city's largest, one-stop destination for enhanced body and mind health offerings with a variety of meditation practices, experiential workshops, corporate offerings and curated products, all customized to fit the lives of the busy city dweller. 

The classes will revolve around seated meditation, mindful movement and higher intensity spiritual workouts, where working-out meets working-in. Participants can also enjoy a complimentary elixir shot and warm face towel after every practice. Additional features make Hoame a must-visit mindful destination in the heart of the city's hustle:
A "Light" Meditation Room: Complete with a "living wall" of greenery and sunken ceiling with hanging vines, Hoame's Light Meditation room is perfect for counteracting the effects of shorter days and longer nights as the seasons turn cooler.
A "Dark" Meditation Room: With a cosmic ceiling, curved walls, carbon-coloured cushions and a baseboard underglow, Hoame's Dark Meditation room offers the ideal place to calm the mind after spending hours under fluorescent lights.
Himalayan Rock Salt Cave: With over five tons of Himalayan pink crystal salt, Hoame's rock salt cave will transport your mind from the chaos of the city to the surreal of the subterranean. Perfect for elevating one's mood and bodily health with a cleansing and detoxifying experience.
Infrared Sauna: Get the heathy benefits of sunlight without the dangers of solar radiation with full spectrum, infrared therapy with accompanying mood lighting and soothing music to help the release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins.

Hoame's specialized workshops will offer elevated educational experiences that feature big names and cover trending topics such as the benefits of cupping, CBD, and crystals 101, giving attendees the opportunity to destress and gain perspective all while trying something completely new. Recently on last Sunday I got an opportunity to go to Hoame with one of my friend, overall it was a great experience. This is a wonderful opportunity to help with stress, anxiety and calmness of mind. I understand, it a bit expensive but its a great experience and you must try it at least ones.

Established in 2018, Hoame was founded by mental health and mindfulness professionals Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP and Carolyn Plater-Zyberk MSW, RSW with an intention to eliminate the idea that stress is a normalized and acceptable state of being. With over 5,000 square feet devoted to wellness, Hoame provides a contemporary atmosphere where mindfulness and ease are the guiding principles of our daily existence. Guests are invited to explore their own self-awareness via the light and dark meditation rooms, Himalayan rock salt cave, infrared sauna, regular wellness workshops, curated retail products and health tonics on tap.

Thank you "Charming Media Inc." for the details on Hoame and the photos.