Canoeing from Paris, Ontario to Brantford, Ontario

During the warmer months of 2019, I had an opportunity to go canoeing in  Grand River Conservation Area with a few of my friends. 
This trip starts on the Nith River and goes into the Grand River.  The river averages 1 meter in depth with 2 meter deep pools. Many first time canoe, kayak, stand up paddle board clients prefer this route as it makes for a relaxing day or the perfect introduction.

The Paris to Brant Park route is a scenic paddle from a town setting into pristine wilderness.  The section has moving shallow rapids at 1 km mark and then easy going after that. Some of the highlights are drinkable spring water and perfect swimming areas.  There are picnic stops and portable washrooms at the 9 km mark.
The trip starts in the town of Paris, Ontario, which gives you access to stores and amenities right at the starting point.