Sunflower Field in Caledon, Ontario

Established in 1989, Davis Feed & Farm Supply has become a major agricultural supplier in the Caledon, GTA and surrounding area. 

Davis Family Farm grows Sunflowers in 60 acres of farmland in Caledon for the purpose of bird seed, honey, and our new Sunflower Oil. You can even buy their products in the farm itself.It is less than an hours drive from downtown Toronto.
Going to this farm, you pass through various agricultural land in Caledon that have not yet been sold to property developers. The surrounding areas are mostly farms planted with corn and oats crops and others are cattle farms and horse training/breeding facilities. It is an easy 20 minute drive from our place in Brampton.

As you enter the farm during the Sunflower season ,you will see a small shop where you pay Admission fees on your right and the residence of the farm owner on your left. There are also barn houses on the way to the fields. Aside from sunflowers they also grow oats in the farm.