Tiffany Falls at Hamilton

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area is part of the Hamilton Conservation Authority and is located on Wilson Street in Ancaster. There is a little parking area along Wilson Street that holds approximately 15-20 vehicles. If this is your first stop to see waterfalls, you can pay the $5 parking fee and keep your ticket on your dash to cover parking for some of the other waterfall sites. To see Tiffany Falls, a lovely 21 metre cascade waterfall, you have to take an easy hike approximately 10-15 minutes into the woods along a dirt pathway that crosses Tiffany Creek a couple of times before arriving to a wooden platform that gives you a great view of the falls. This waterfall can be accessed all year long and in the winter when the falls are iced over, you can climb them with a climbing company from the area.

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area is considered a significant natural area.  Its bedrock exposures are considered an Earth Science Area of Regional Significance.  The central feature of the conservation area is the two waterfalls within it, Tiffany Falls and Washboard Falls, formed by Tiffany Creek.
The area provides a link between the green space corridor along the Niagara Escarpment through the Hamilton urban area, and the extensive natural areas of the Dundas Valley. The forest area is made up of Eastern Hemlock, Sugar Maple, Red Oak, American Beech, White Ash, Basswood, Black Walnut, Hawthorn, Butternut and White Elm.  There are also old field areas and tall shrub thickets.
If you are ever in Hamilton, please check out Tiffany Falls -- you won't regret it!!