Alberta: Drumheller

Currently we are all stuck indoors during the Covid-19 Quarantine, at this time I would love to share my travel experience in Alberta, Canada.

Last year,  during the month of April I got an opportunity to spend three days in Alberta. During the three days trip my first stop was at Drumheller.

The Town of Drumheller was named after Samuel Drumheller, who, after purchasing the homestead of Thomas Patrick Greentree, had it surveyed into the original Drumheller townsite and put lots on the market in 1911. Drumheller became a railway station in 1912.

Drumheller Badlands are an hour and a half drive north-east of Calgary, Alberta. The Badlands at Drumheller, Alberta, Canada is a fascinating area, rich in mining history and perhaps best known for the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology located on the North Dinosaur Trail.

The Star Mine Suspension Bridge spans Red Deer River east of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. In early 20th century, an aerial cable transported buckets of coal from the east side of the Red Deer River to the tipple in the town on the west side.  When the railroad established line directly into the mine site,  the aerial cable was converted to a suspension bridge that allowed miners to walk from town to the mine. After the mine finally shut down in 1957, the suspension bridge became an increasingly popular tourist attraction.

How are you guys spending you time in Quarantine. Please remember this small action makes a huge impact!

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