Quarantine Week 1

Let's talk about the thing that’s on everyone’s mind: 
How’s everyone feeling?
Like most people, I am in quarantine and practicing social distancing.
I’m extremely grateful for my health and I would like to do my part to flatten the curve. 

Here is a recap of my first week in quarantine (start from March 17), during week one... 

I have been able to reconnect with my artistic side and to be frank this has help me to be more calm and relax. It's definitely be a way for me to meditate.
I have been trying to keep a healthy and nutritious diet... keyword "TRYING"
It has been extremely hard not to munch on snacks and crave for food each hour.

Spring has begun, sadly I am spending my time indoors but really happy that my contribution to stay indoors is helping to flat the curve

How about yourself, how are you guys spending you time in Quarantine. Please remember this small action makes a huge impact!

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