Quarantine Day 132

Its been exactly 132 days since my daily lifestyle has changes due to Covid-19... Initially this series was labelled as "Quarantine Week" but now I have lost count. During this time, I have been going through a rollercoaster ride... with ups and downs in emotions, stress and literally trying to figure a way to continue without complaining. 

Have you heard of the saying
“Too much of anything isn't good for anyone.” ― Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man

 However, during these days on I have been trying use this time to work on myself (self improve) and I would really love to know how each of you are spending this time in Quarantine.

Please, note currently my city is in stage 2 of the getting back to normal however for my own safety as well as for the safety of the loved ones around me I have been trying my best to avoid going out unless it's required.

Now, here are nonstop photos of the recipes I have made in the past few weeks:

1) Devil Eggs

2) Home grown squash mash

3) Did not make but finally tried Golden berries

4)  Avocado Smoothie

5) Food Bowl (my lunch)

6) Oatmeal Cookie Cups with Jam

7) Black Bean Bruschetta

8) Caramel Pudding

9) Tried to make Sushi

10) Oatmeal Cookie Cups

11) Gulab Jamun

12) Black Sesame Seed Balls

13) Floral Cupcakes (more than 3 hours to make)

14) Traditional Sweet Dessert 

15) Oatmeal Cookies

16) Carrot Cake

That's all for now :)